URGENT - End of life for OVH VPSes

Hi everyone,

We have received a notification from OVH that on August 3rd 2018 they are taking down their 2012 VPSes, and they will not be migrating the data.

MCWS will be formulating a plan in the next couple days and will communicate as we go.

If you or someone you know will be affected by this:

Watch this topic! Share this topic with others!

We will identify the affected sites and reach out for those we have contact information for. Please watch updates in case your site is affected and we don’t have contact information.

Back-up your data!

Even if you are not affected by this particular issue, please keep your own back-ups. We will be communicating in the future about back-up policy moving forward. In the mean time, please play it safe and assume that we are not taking back-ups. If you cannot take your own back-ups, reach out to us.

Inventory your data!

We need to know what you have on your hosting to be able to offer you appropriate migration options. Please prepare an inventory now, so that we can move quickly. If you are hosting a WordPress blog, please also inventory any add-ons you are using.


If you have general questions about this specific issue, please reply here.
If you have general questions about MCWS please start a new topic.
If you have specific questions about how this will affect specific sites please email mcws-team@mozilla-community.org

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Preliminary List of Affected Communities

Note: This list is from our records, and has not yet been verified. It is being provided so that the communities listed can take their own steps to confirm whether or not they are affected. We will provide another update when the list has been verified.

  1. Tunisia
  2. Uganda
  3. Senegal
  4. Vietnam
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Italy
  7. Romania
  8. UK
  9. Slovenia
  10. L10N
  11. L10N (separate VPS from above)
  12. BabelZilla
  13. Brazil
  14. MCWS
  15. Kerala

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UPDATE - Affected sites

It appears that none of our VPSes are on the affected plan. We have reached out to OVH to confirm and find out why we received the notification if that was not the case.


Today I’ve received a similar email (I manage #6). I checked the control panel, and it’s listed as VPS 2014 Cloud 2.

Then I checked my mailbox: in October 2014 I’ve received an email about upgrading from VPS 2010/2012 to VPS Cloud 2014. I guess that’s the source of the error: at some point those VPS were VPS 2012, and their system still thinks they are.

Side note: I need to talk with someone about #10 and #11 (tried multiple times to find an interlocutor and failed) :wink:

Will follow-up on the weekend. Please feel free to bump this first thing Saturday so I have an extra reminder!

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Update - Still unclear which VPSes if any are affected, OVH thinks they are

OVH support has never been extremely helpful. One reason we have wanted to move our services off of their hosting for some time.

  • Support said that only Vietnam would be affected, however that VPS is on the same plan as several others.
  • When pressed, OVH said that any vps lower than vps20000.ovh.net would be affected, of which we have 8, but none are listed as type VPS 2012
  • OVH have still not explained why VPSes that are not type 2012 are affected by this. It could very well be that they are not retiring those of type 2012 but they are retiring everything with an ID lower than vps20000

French speaker needed!

OVH phone support is only available in French. My french is not quite good enough to wrangle a phone call. I may be able to get by once I have a person, but I don’t understand the phone options well enough.

If anyone who is a fluent speaker would be willing, it would be helpful to do a group Skype call to try and get to the bottom of this.


For the French part, there is no problem
I watch all this with one of the employees of Paris


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Bonjour Christophe,

Are you offering to assist with calling OVH? If so please find me on Telegram (Kensie) or Slack (Majken).

yes I will call but there I am in meeting

my Telegram (hellosct1)


Actually OVH have just replied to my last message and confirmed that they are taking down any VPS under vps20000.ovh.net, I will post an update with the affected communities shortly.

ok, tell me what I have to do


Update - Affected Sites CONFIRMED

  1. Tunisia
  2. Uganda
  3. Senegal
  4. Vietnam
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Italy
  7. Romania
  8. Slovenia

What to do if your community is on this list

  1. Please go to https://jira.mozilla-community.org and log in with your Mozillians ID.

  2. Complete the inventory of the data you are hosting and report it to us using this form. You may attach a file with your list if you prefer.

    • You can share the ticket with other NDA’ed members of your community ( we are working on opening this up, but needed to get this going fast ).

We will do our best to reach communities that don’t reach out to us first. We will report back with another update on what we will do with the data from communities we have not been able to reach.

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Hi, any update? We’re quickly approaching the deadline.

Hi all,

Apologies for going quiet here. We were in touch with the affected communities and are working to provide replacement services where needed.