We will be updating the Interests, Activities and Functional Areas on the report system in the reps portal

Hello Amazing Reps,

It was noticed by the council that with the change in the OKRs there is a need to update the Interests, Activities and functional areas on the report system within the reps portal, we decided to remove the items which are no longer in use and update the new list of activities that Reps are doing. We have eliminated few projects which no longer exist. As you can see we have tried to simplify the reporting system, by simplifying and generalizing the functional areas based on the work of Mission Driven Mozillians.

You can see the full list and changes here .

If you have any feedback please let us know your thoughts on the Github issue 373

Thank you!
On behalf of Council


Thanks for this work!

There is a typo in “Mozilla Reps - other in project initiative”. I guess the “in” could be completely removed?

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Thank you! Will change it :slight_smile: