Reps reporting - how to use the new forms

Thank you very much to all that commented and contributed to improve the new reps reporting form.

A link to the form has been sent using reps-general. Please check your inbox and let me know if you did not receive it.

A summary of the activities you submit in the form will be posted in reps group in the Community Portal.

This form is meant to allow you to report those activities that are not already automatically reported in your profile in the community portal. If they are already reported in the portal, you should not use this form for those activities.

We also encourage you to report as many events as possible in the portal. For example community meetings and talks in external events can be reported in the portal as events. This way you can give visibility to all the wonderful work you do!

Now for a very quick overview of the form:

  • Select your community portal username from the drop-down menu in the form. If your username is not in the form, please contact me.
  • Select the month you are making your report for.
  • Select the kind of activity you want to report:
    • Mentorship activities: as a mentor or as a mentee
    • Community building and planning activities: this refers to activities that you carried out to support and grow your local or functional community as well as the Reps program.
    • Support in Mozilla Project and campaigns: This refers to supporting staff, and other volunteers in the development and organization of Mozilla activities and campaigns.
  • Report on each activity separately: You can use the “other” option both to add details about an activity that you selected, or add an activity option that is not there.
  • Submit!
  • After you finished, If you want to report on another kind of activities (e.g. you submitted your mentors activities and you want to submit community building activities) please submit another form.

I hope that all this is clear. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!



In the linked Discourse thread I only find the test form and in this thread there is no link to the actual form to be used. Could it be that you forgot to add that link here or is it not ready yet and this post here is just a tutorial to read before you’ll post the link? Or did I miss a link somewhere else?

Hi, the form was sent through reps-general, to make sure that only reps have access to it (please let me know if you have not received it). Thank you for letting me know that information was not clear.

Oh, I see, somehow assumed it would be the same content as on Discourse and didn’t see the link. Thanks!

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Do you know when this form will be updated ?

Hi, it should be automatic (it refreshes every 5 minutes). Are you sure you filled out the right form? The one in the discourse post was only a test, I sent the link to the real one via Reps-General. Let me know if you didn’t get it, and I will re-send it.



I remember I filled some form but my input does not look updated… maybe I missed out something ?

May I suggest that you update:

with up to date instructions,

IMHO there should be only one URL to remember and use as portal page,
will this improve the transition to new procedures ?

Meanwhile for whoever cares I am continuously updating my user page:

Hi, we already updated the reporting page:
I think that you might have filled out the test form. I am going to block that and send you the real link in PM.

Ok thanks for sharing this address , shouldn’t it also linked from this page:

I am not sure I revived any invitation to fill update for previous or current month…

What about other reps ?

I never received that… :frowning:

Hey @fminelli

I am clueless how to fill up the form; Can you please help me with an example?

Let’s say someone joined a weekly call and how he/she should fill up the form?

Best regards

Hi Syed, you only need to use the form if an activity is not reported in the community portal.

If you come to the weekly call, you will just have to go the event page in the community portal (e.g., and click on “I will attend”. Then the call will appear in your profile. The same if you organize a community meeting (you can create an event) or participate in any other community event.

If you want to report an activity that is not possible to report in the portal (e.g. a meeting with your mentor) you can use the form. I will send you the link via private message.



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Thanks @fminelli for the URL; I’ll join the next weekly call;
I liked the old portal tbh; Are we building any new web application for the reporting and using Google Form just for now? Or this change is permanent ?


Hi Syed, most activities should be reported automatically through the community portal (such as organizing and participating in events and campaigns). The forms are only for those activities that are not reported there. This is for a now a temporary solution for those activities that are not reported in the portal, and we might re-evaluate at a later date.

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Thanks @fminelli for the clarification; The current Reps portal is confusing to me; do we have a wiki page for it?

Hi Syed, here there is the page on how to do reporting, here are there are some FAQs on the portal. Do you have any specific questions?