WebThings icon status

Hi all

I’m using an Ikea mains socket outlet in my “NEW ZIGBEE” ( YEESSS😊) home security system and how I’m using it, I have to turn the power off to it, then I have to turn it on again after a period of time.

But, when I turn it off, the icon in WebThings doesn’t change. It still says it’s on. Is this due to the fact it’s an Ikea one, or is this how Zigbee devices are supposed to work as it’s quite confusing and potentially dangerous. I don’t have any other mains Zigbee devices (yet) so I can’t compare. Hope someone can enlighten me. Thanks

I’ve also had this with my ikea tradfri smart plugs. It eventually fixed itself and started properly reporting the power state, not sure exactly why it’s doing it or what changed.

Hi, freaktechni

Thanks for the reply

Maybe it’s just common to the IKEA sockets.

When you say it sorted itself out, what does it actually do.

Does it just shade it out, which is what I was expecting?

I have the same issue with most of my bulbs. They are Osram Lightify and Sengled bulbs.

Hi Guys
Thanks for your replies. It’s a shame it does this to a great bit of software. Maybe there will be a fix but it’s good to know I’m not on my own. Thanks all.