Weeklly call 2015-10-15


Thursday October 15th, 15:00 UTC


Check the agenda and please add your own topics as well if you have something to share with us.

AirMozilla video

Link: https://air.mozilla.org/reps-weekly-20151015

Weekly call details:



  • Help me with me project
  • Global gatherings (George)
  • Mid-term planning (Rosana)
  • Events (Franc)
  • What’s up with the council

PS: As always we encourage you to add some shout outs! Acknowledge the work of your fellow Reps! #mozlove

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Raw Etherpad notes


  • Hi I’m George and I’m in Berlin today!
  • Hi my name is Christos and I am from Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • Hi my name is Kensie and I am from Toronto, Canada
  • Hi my name is Irvin and I’m from Taipei Taiwan
  • Hi I’m Guillermo and I am from Buenos Aires
  • Hi I’m Rosana
  • Hi I’m Alex and I’m in London
  • Hi, I’m San Emmanuel James, and I’m from Kampala
  • Hi I’m Francisco, from Madrid, but from Buenos Aires really
  • Hi, I’m Michael from Bern
  • Hi, Konstantina again in Greece
  • I’m Anis from Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Hi - Ioana here, or Loana, or Iona… or Ιωάννα
  • Viswaprasath from
  • I’m Med Mack (with the Mozilla Tunisia Team) from Tunisiam
  • Ram from India
  • Hi my name is Mariot and I am from Madagascar
  • Gu nt bane us Emma, and today I am from Houston Texas
  • Hi, i’m Yofie from Jakarta Indonesia.

Shout outs

  • Christos! he is our official rep paparazzi
  • Franc! for all his amazing work on global gatherings even when he was sick
  • Dorothee of cameroon for her awesome work with tech women
  • Tunisian community for the amazing work around FX OS!
  • Ioana and Konstantina for making this call REAL, not only for today but for the past mooonths Thanks os much!

Topic 1 - Global Gatherings Update (George)

Presentation for today: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1AneOqlZy3LeWwIaCeyTqACftEfNR2SF6ZGe5uNJBL6g/edit#slide=id.ga39cad493_0_10

More notes on the raw etherpad.

Topic 4 - Etherpad migration update

  • we have succesfully created a process to migrate
  • we’ve captured the team pads that were private and moved them to text format
  • we’re going to have a post mortem on how the migration went (asking community for feedback)
  • use discourse if you have any questions

Topic 5 - Help me with my project

Topic 6 - What we’re working on in Council

This week we discussed:

  • how important is the mentor’s role for having a successful Reps program (how can we help with this discussion?)
  • sharing experiences and “how to” with new local and inexperienced communities
  • brainstormed on ideas around Reps recognition Yay! ++++++

For the rest that we’re working on, please see the trello board.

On another note: please have a look at https://air.mozilla.org/strategy-articulation-topline-2016-stakeholder-review-1/