Weekly Call 11-05-2017


(Konstantina Papadea) #1

Hello amazing Reps!
For today’s call we have:

And your topic! - feel free to add it on etherpad

AirMO video:

This is a weekly call with some of the Reps to discuss all matters about/affecting Reps and invite Reps to share their work with everyone.

Weekly call details:

Etherpad agenda:

PS: As always we encourage you to add some shout outs! We have amazing reps doing amazing work! Let’s send them some #mozlove!

(Chiorean Ioana) #2

Raw notes here.

ReMo Portal Event - If you attended this call or watched the AirMo recording, please mark yourself as an attendee here:https://reps.mozilla.org/e/remo-call-11-05-17/ (both reps or mozillians)


  • Emin Mastizada, @ em94mu, beside Mozilla I also contribute to Django Framework and many other FOSS projects.
  • VIbhanshu Chaudhary | @ vibhanshu95 | Local IoT Community
  • Daniele Scasciafratte, Mte90net, beside Mozilla I also contribute to WordPress and many other FOSS projects and communities.
  • Prathamesh Chavan, @ pathfinderpc and besides Mozilla, I also contribute to the reason for which my mom gets angry at times :smiley:
  • Konstantina @ Konstantina_P beside Mozilla I also contribute to my local caving club as an instructor assistant and did a brief pass on fedora localization
  • Irvin @ irvinfly civil tech community https://g0v.tw
  • Lucy @ lucyeharris, besides Mozilla I contribute to my local food blog website :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Robert Kaiser (KaiRo), notwitter, and I contribute to OpenStreetMap as well as being a (financial) supporter of SFConservancy, KDE, and the Planetary Society.
  • Kiki, @ kelimuttu. I used to contribute to a local open source community in my uni
  • Flore, @ flore_dvk beside mozilla, I contribute to family life (or my kids contribute to making council meetings more… animated)
  • Umesh Agarwal @ umesh_agarwal1 | beside Mozilla I contribute to Splunk Good to see you Umesh bhai \o/ @ prathamesh you messed up my sentence :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Francisco, and beside Mozilla I contribute to an NGO
  • Amine Zaafouri , @ ZaafouriFF aaaaaaaaannd beside Mozilla I also contribute to AIESEC
  • Cynthia Pereira, @ cynthiapereira_ | beside Mozilla I also contribute to distribute chocolates to underprivileged community around me. =)
  • Atique Ahmed Ziad, @ atiqueahmedziad
  • Bala Subramaniyan | @ balapandu222 | Beside Mozilla, I contribute to Google Local Guides, Open Street Maps & more.

Know some Reps who did an amazing work! Let’s share some #mozlove to them! ( they will be tweeted after the meeting)

  • #mozlove to Alex Lakatos and Michael Kohler for all their hard work on building the activate website
  • #mozlove to Mehul, Prathamesh, Vigneswher and Umesh for starting planning the RainofRust series of events
  • #mozlove to Geraldo Barros for support the whole Brazilian community including the new Reps!

TOPIC 1 - Lucy - Community Development OKRs


  • Q2 time frame?
    • Q is stand for Quarter. So it is from April - June
  • How’s that (referring to 500 contributors) measured:
    • We’re watching our repos.
  • Does it means that we’re discourage to do the other activities other than MozActivate (referring to 70% activities are on activate)?
    • not really. This mean that we’re prioritizing budget for MozActivate activities, but ofc Reps can still organize others events.
  • More questions? Deep-dive by talking to the following people:
    • Campus Clubs - Christos (Only for USA)??
    • Developer Communities/Marketing - Lucy
    • Reps & Activate - Konstantina
    • Community Census - Ruben
    • Mobilizer Experiment - Ruben
    • Communtiy Spaces - Francisco
    • Diversity and Inclusion - Emma
    • Community Participation Guidelines - Emma

TOPIC 2 - Flore - Reps OKRs

TOPIC 3 - Konstantina - new pages on activate

TOPIC 4 - Franc - z3c

  • New program (more technical)
  • Form to apply.
  • You need to request the device at least 3 to 4 weeks (probably more for the shipping) in advance
  • We will reply for those who already file the request, next week
  • 2 devices is a safe number to avoid customs issue
  • Will need to fill report in the next 6 months (you need to prepare your plan)
  • Please reach out to Francisco Picolini if you have any questions

TOPIC 4 - Daniele - Codemotion Rome 2017 Report