Weekly Call 2015-05-28

Thursday May 28th, 15:00 UTC


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Weekly call details:


  • Shape of the web: Greg will be on this call to talk about Shape of the web project
  • Featured Events: What’s going on with Reps events this week? Find out!
  • Help me with my project:The floor is yours to present in 1 minute a project you are working on and ask other Reps for help and support.
  • More TBD, add your topics to the agenda, even if you are not
    able to attend.*

Detailed notes


Detailed notes

Shoutouts to Dorothee Danedjo Fouba[, Mrz, Yofie, Ioana and all the Balkans communities for being awesome!

Shape of the web

Greg joined the call to talk about an important project called Shape of the web which is an online platform to share and assess the attributes we believe are necessary for the open web. It represents Mozilla’s view of the world and wants to help people to understand what’s at stake.

The projects main goals are:

  • Create a place where users can get education about the current state
    of the web
  • Give people an opportunity to get involved on an easy level and
    motivating to find more information about this and share the
    information they learned
  • Build awareness for Mozilla since a lot of people know Mozilla but
    don’t know what we do

Feel free to try the project at http://shapeoftheweb.mozilla.org/ and use it in your upcoming maker party.

Featured Events

Marketplace Day - event report

Ram reported about the first ever regional marketplace community building event with which was organized in Hyderabad. It was an overnight event with around 25 participants and volunteers working on 15 bugs, submitted 11 pull requests & on-boarded 15 NEW long-time contributors. You can read more in [Mozilla India's blog post][12] and in [gurumukhi's blog post][13].

Help me with my project!

[Boris][14] is looking for help for porting CyanogenMod, TWRP and ClockworkMod to the Flame reference device, please [contact him][15] if you are interested.

Check out the meeting logs in the etherpad and see you next week!