Weekly Update: 20th August, Accent Workflow + Slides from Roadmap Session

Hey Common Voice Community,

For this weeks weekly update……

:railway_track: Common Voice Roadmap Community Sessions

We really enjoyed hosting everyone at the Community session this week. You access the slides from the session, slide 9 includes an explanation of the Common Voice Roadmap.

To ensure everyone has the opportunity to share their views, we are creating an anonymous Typeform survey with an explainer video.

I hope to share this next week via the weekly update, as we are currently reviewing the survey’s privacy statement.

We look forward to reviewing and sharing the (anonymised) community response from the session and our soon to be released Typeform survey.

:calendar:Community Session: Influence Accent Workflow for Common Voice (UI Profile Creation)

Voice is natural, voice is human. A key aspect of voice is a person’s accent. We would like to invite you to our virtual Community sessions for the Common Voice Accent Workflow (UI Profile Creation).

By taking part in the community session you help to inform how the accent workflow for Common Voice can be improved.

This session focuses on profile creation for English language contributors on desktop-sized devices. Our next phase of accent work will include more languages and smaller screen sizes.


  • Wednesday 1st September 6 pm (BST)/10 am (PT)
  • Thursday 2nd September 1 pm(BST)/8 PM (UTC+8)

Sign up via ti.to to attend https://ti.to/Mozilla/cv-accent-ui-profile

:earth_africa:Common Voice Kiswahili

Kiswahili is now live for contributions! - Congratulations to Kiswahili Community

Common Voice Kiswahili fellows are conducting a Mozilla is conducting use-case research to determine how the Common Voice dataset can be used in the realms of agriculture or finance within East Africa. If you would like to take part please check out the link.

Key Dates and Reminders

If you have any questions please, feel free to ask!

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@heyhillary the video on slide 9 is un-playable, could you check the google drive setting?

Hey @irvin ,

Thanks for flagging this - I have changed the permission so you should now have access to view the video.