Weekly Update: 99 Languages on Common Voice

Hello Everyone,

99 Launched Languages on Common Voice, who will be 100th? The second instalment of the Double weekly update :star2:

Firstly, did someone say data visualisations?

Kathy Reid, has complied a dynamic data visualisation of the metadata for version 10.

Ps. September 15th is the start of the model competition don’t forget to sign up.

If you got any resources you would like to see or share feel free to use the resources sub-thread

What community event and tutorials would you like to see ?

On element and slack, we have been polling the community about future topics they would like to see from the Common Voice Team. Join the conversations either on slack, element or on this topic.

What tech won’t you build?

Our colleagues at the internet health report, have launched their podcast. Ps. you might see a future episode featuring CV.

Important Dates

  1. 29th July Deadline for submitting variants
  2. 9th August For Bulk Sentence Submissions to be included in the next release and have enough time to record.
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