Weekly Update: Language Variants and moreeee

Hello Everyone,

In this week’s update; language variant inclusion, feature focus and more.

Would you like to better represent your language on Common Voice by including Variants?

Learn about the process from our language variant surgery on AirMozilla.

We describe variants as…

A specific form of a language or language cluster is associated with a group of speakers, for example, those living in a shared region or country, who have a shared culture or heritage, and thus experience vocabulary, grammar and norms that differentiate their speech from others.

Important deadlines:

  • Variants to be added by the September Dataset release need to be submitted by the end of July

  • Variants to be added by the December Dataset release need to be submitted by the end of October

Submit via email to Commonvoice@mozilla.org or in this form

What’s going on?

Here’s what I have been up to in the last few weeks

Community Playbook Pivot

Started updating the Playbook to streamline the content to reduce replication with the about page ad mainly focusing on community organisers who contribute via collaborating with others for example work with authors to help build a corpus.

Creative assets

I also created a postcard asset that you can use at events for explainers. to localise and learn how to make your own please check out the drive.

New Feature: Requesting Languages Form

Our team has recently released the new languages request form on the site; I onboarding new languages onto Pontoon such as Hiligaynon.

Register your interest in our Methods and Model Competition

We have a wide variety of categories from an open call for Diversity, Equity, and inclusion interventions to proof of concept Models.

The competition will start in September, register your interest today and read more on our blog.