Weekly Update: Common Voice Platform Update and Opportunities

TLDR: About page update is live, dataset survey, AMA on Monday and more…
PS. please remember to submit your variant selections for your language

:smiley: Hello Common Voice Community,

For this weeks weekly update…


What’s New on the Common Voice Platform ?

On Wednesday, we launched the new design for About Page on the Common Voice Platform. The page includes:

1. How does Common Voice Work ?

Including the key steps on including a language on Common Voice such as sentence collection.

2. Learn how to take part

Including FAQ style explanations of how to get involved in the project and resources and documentation that can support language communities.

We would like to thank the community for feedback and engagement on the about page and for your contributions to the latest release. :hearts:



  1. Share your thoughts on the Common Voice Dataset

Do you use the Common Voice Dataset ? Are there improvements you would like to see ? The Common Voice Product Team is currently running a Dataset Survey. We look forward to hearing your views.

  1. Speech Recognition Competition by Hugging Face

Hugging Face is running a competition next week (From 24th January to February 7th) using the Common Voice dataset. The challenge will include a range of talks, swag prices and more. Gabriel from our team will be giving a talk on Common Voice during the competition. If you want to learn how to build state-of-the-art speech recognition systems consider participating in the challenge learn more on the Hugging Face Discourse.

About Gabriel’s Talk

Unlocking global speech with Mozilla Common Voice. Hear from Common Voice Data Engineer Gabriel Habayeb (Mozilla Foundation) as he talks about how Common Voice makes it easy to crowdsource voice data in global languages, as well as getting key insights into the dataset itself, how we maintain quality, use metadata - and our plans for the future!

  1. AMA: Variant for Language selection - this coming Monday

This upcoming Monday January 24, 2022January 24, 2022 (hover for timezones) we are hosting an AMA with Francis on Common Voice Variants for Languages taking You can now pre-submit questions via the thread.

  1. Early Bird Tickets: Mozfest

Mozfest is around the corner, and we so excited to share with the wider tech community talks and sesssions on Common Voice. View a sneak preview of talks happening. Learn more about securing a ticket on Mozfest website.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask :slight_smile:

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Just finished the translations. The new content is excellent! Thank you all for your efforts…


New about page looks good.

Found this one in all selected languages:

The translation(s) appear incomplete

On pontoon almost everything is 100% in (de) language.

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Now, a fully translated About us page is displayed

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Thanks for flagging this via github !

Many thanks,


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#3417 also fixed now :slight_smile:

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