Weekly Update: Our Voice Competition

Hello Common Voice Community,

This week I heard an interesting news story about a Karen, the woman behind one of Siri’s voices who found that it didn’t recognise her voice. You can read more on the metro.

Our Voices Competition

Today we have also launched our voice Model and methods Competition, where you can win up to $2000 for submissions that help improve performance for gender, variant and accent and methodology.

The competition will start in September, register your interest today and read more on our blog.


Monday 4th July: Language variant surgery, 3pm UTC

Register to attend

In 2022, we introduced language variants to the platform to support the various ways a single language is spoken.

To add the variants we consult with communities to discuss options and ideas. At the language variant surgery, you can learn more about the language variant guidance and discuss with our linguistic advisor your thoughts.

We will be recording the session and you can now access the slides to understand the process.

Thursday 7th July: Community Call, 4pm UTC

We are excited to invite you to the Community Call. Mozilla across our projects will be gathering to learn from Alessio who has created an offline voice message transcription tool with Coqui and Common Voice Dataset.

Don’t miss out, and set your reminders on YouTube

If you have questions or issues you would like to raise please feel free to message me.

Ps. Summer Fridays are starting tomorrow, therefore requests and messages will not be monitored between July and August on Fridays. We will respond between Mon-Thursdays