Weekly Update: Variants Feature, Mozfest is nearly here and Campaigns guidance

TLDR: Including Variants feature is available, Reward, Enablement and Recognition, Mozfest, Events and Campaigns Guidance

Hello Everyone,

I hope this message finds you safe and sound. In our weekly update, I would like to highlight some new platform updates and oppurtunities available to the community !


NEW FEATURE: Including Variants

This week our team released a new profile feature for including language variants. The feature is currently available for Português, Kiswahili and Cymraeg - if you have profile you can now choose to share variants you speak https://commonvoice.mozilla.org

Thank you to communities that have made this possible, and shoutout to our linguistic advisor Francis ! We hope to include more language variants in the coming year and will reach out to communities via our 1:1s and weekly updates.

Learn more about our latest release on github.


UPDATE: Reward, Enablement and Recognition

Last week the Common Voice Language Reps gathered to discuss the Reward, Enablement and Recognition Scheme updated proposal [slides].

At the session we did an unintended consequence scanning of the proposal to some of the points raised where; How do we honour silent heroes, certification as recognition, the positive and negative behavioural impacts to community dynamics, the ecological impact.

Our discussion provided room for thought regarding the proposal. If you would like to join the conversation regarding the Reward, Enablement and Recognition please feel free to join the discourse thread.

At the end of the month, I would like to poll the community via discourse to express approval for the suggested Reward, Enablement and Recognition.


TLDR: Common Voice at Mozfest is around the corner, Events and Campaigns Guidance, Writing Competition

Mozfest Sessions

Are you looking forward to Mozfest next week ? Join us as we connect with shapers and creators on the internet. Common Voice is hosting a variety of sessions with partners to learn more via the schedule and ps. Don’t forget to register, we hope to see you!

What events or campaigns are you hosting this year ?

We would love for all community members to share their events on the community portal.

Some of the benefits of sharing your event are; helps visiblise your event to wider community, we can support a quality platform experience by understanding the demand, lastly to access material support for events via resource reps an accountability requirement is to share events onto the community portal.

Learn more about the campaigns and events guidance on the Community Playbook

Writing Competition

Can’t make Mozfest ? Check out the writing competition, you could win the chance of winning a Common voice Tote Bag as well contributing to sentence collection on Common Voice !