What happens if a user looses their phone?

(Jan) #1

What happens if a user looses their phone ?

(Devin Reams) #2

You can still access all your saved logins from Firefox on your desktop and mobile devices.

For example, you can sign into your Firefox Account in Firefox on Windows and retrieve all your saved logins that are sync’d and stored.

Or you could install the iOS app on another device, sign in, and will have access to your logins there, too.

I hope that helps answer your question…

(Jan) #3

Won’t the passwords be exposed to whomever finds the phone ?

(Sandy Sage) #4

Passwords won’t be revealed without the device owner’s authorization, using the device security settings.

The app is set up to lock by default after 5 minutes of inactivity. Lockbox then uses the user’s set method on the device to unlock; fingerprint or face if set up or a pin code fallback. If a user has no device lock in place, the Lockbox app prompts the user to set one up. But if a user still opts to keep device locking disabled, then someone else could access those passwords just as they could any other browser passwords.