Whom do we invite? (and how?)

@tad, @helios, and I have discussed this a little bit already, but we haven’t come to any sort of conclusion.

In an attempt to help things, I’ve created a list of a lot (but, probably not all, because there are almost certainly going to be Mozillians not on mozillans.org) of Mozillians in the UK: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmpjuGli8XX9dFZsQjFNTGFnUXBMbllmSGhNZHhSSlE&usp=sharing

How do people think we should do this? @yousef had the idea of curating a list of 60, then sending out invites to everybody, and then automagically accepting those who are on the list, and evaluating those not.

Or, do we want to cut down this list to 60, or just over, and send invites just to them?

Either way, it would be useful to have people’s emails in this list. Think someone could do that? @tad?


If there’s a Mozillian not on mozillians.org who has contributed to the project, send them an invite or vouch for them. This helps us have a complete directory :slight_smile:

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