ZWave Support Neo Coolcam Motion Sensor



the ZWave Multi Sensor is paired with my Aeon ZStick Gen5, but the parameter won´t appear. So i can´t use it with füll functionality. I had to try several times until the Neo Coolcam Motion Sensor would be recognized, but i cant edit anything. My Philips Hue works great so far.

Would be very happy if someone could solve the problem.

best regards


(Dave Hylands) #2

HI Thilio,

What would be ideal would be to get a copy of the OZW_Log.txt and run-app.log files. Probably the easiest way to get these files would be to use scp (part of ssh). I wrote up a wiki page on logging in the RPi and there is a section on enabling SSH. Both log files would be in the /home/pi/mozilla-iot/gateway directory on the RPi.



it is not allowed to upload the logs here due to file name extension and new user restrictions. How can i reach you?

Edit: Found your mail on your website and send the logs. Please tell me the correct way.

best regards and thanks in advance for your help



I just played around and edited my first rule. Very easy, just how i think my parents could do this. The Motion Sensor Alarm works and my light is on/off. Is it possible to add more “then that” Actors than one at the moment? There are three GU10 lights at my stairs. And dependencies with time and Luminance would be great. Philips Integration via the adapter works like a charm. I like your system very much!!! great work so far. Also your solution with the progressive Web App is a dream I still miss Sonos, Logitech Harmony Hub and Netatmo integration. Alexa Echo support would be nice too have. I have more ZWave Components from Devolo waiting for integration, but i need the dependencies for dimmed night lights so i guess i have to wait. Can´t wait for your system to evolve. I actually use it next to Devolo Homecontrol as 2nd production system.

btw wall plugs from Devolo and Neo Coolcam are working as they should out of the box.

best regards


(Michael Stegeman) #5

Hi Thilio!

It’s great to hear that you’re having success. Would you mind adding the hardware you’ve gotten working to our wiki page?


I would say half success, please take a look at the logs. The Motion Sensor appears as in the picture above. The parameters like luminance are missing ans what else the Multisensor offer. I would be happy if you could answer my question about the rules and the number of “then that” actors. I could only choose one device instead of three needed.

I will add my wall plugs to the wiki.

(James Hobin) #7

There isn’t currently support for a rule to have multiple effects. It’s something we have planned for a future update but we need to make sure that the UI scales properly to smaller mobile devices. Until then, the best approach is to make one rule for each light you want to turn off. Sorry that it’s less streamlined than it could be!


Yes thats my workaround so far, i thought i was too stupid to get it managed right in one rule or there is a trick.

Hope to hear something positive about the motion sensor soon.

Thank you so far!!!

(Dave Hylands) #9

You can send the logs to me at either dhylands at or dhylands at


Hi Dave,

i sent you the logs a few hours ago to your Gmail account.

best regards


(Dave Hylands) #11

I created a bug report for this: and attached the log files to the bug report.