Can we help with the IRC spammers?

(Tanner Filip) #1

I just sent this email to ircadmins@, hoping we can lend them a hand with this. Putting this in internal for now, because I don’t particularly want him to find Discourse. Feel free to move if you think it’s better out in the public category.

Hey IRC admins,

The Australis spammer has returned, and again we’ve noticed that there
are a lot of times when other ircops aren’t around. Is there anything
that we (Community Ops) can do to help out with the lack of ops outside
Mozilla “business hours”? Personally, I hang out on IRC way more than I
should, but that also means I’m around when these people like to hit,
especially weekends.

Thanks for your time!

Tanner Filip

(Tanner Filip) #2

A few bugs of interest:


@tanner - I think you may need to reach out to a single IRCop to get their
opinion on what the requirements for adding more, and what their needs are
so we can reach out with a more formal proposal.