Creating new add-on for Globe Electric wifi devices?

I bought some Globe wifi bulbs and plugs. They seemed good valuer and a chance to try out the Mozilla WoT gateway. Got the gateway set up fine with a conbee II and Phillips Hue bulb, but the Globe devices remained invisible (they all worked fine with their proprietary app, and I reset them to try to pair with WoT Gateway) and was able to find and pair a Phillips Hue bulb I bought as part of the test group.
Doing some more reading here, it seems like my belief that wifi devices in general were supported was mistaken and that each manufacturer probably requires an add-on.

  1. I don’t see an add on for Globe and they are not named in the supported hardware, has anyone done any work on this manufacturer?
  2. Who would I talk to to get a little guidance if I was going to attempt to create an add-on for this manufacturer?

I don’t see any existing bindings for these devices for Home Assistant, OpenHAB, or Homebridge, so you’d probably end up having to reverse engineer the protocol. Not sure if that’s something you’re interested in doing…

Interested? Definitely. But don’t likely have the time. Game to experiment with poking interfaces if they can be found, but don’t really have expertise to be dumping firmware and trying to figure what the interfaces are.
Thanks for your response. Saved me a lot of digging.