Diversity and Inclusion Brownbags - schedule

(Konstantina Papadea) #1

The week of June 19, the Diversity and Inclusion Team will be hosting a series of Brownbag discussions on Air Mozilla and Vidyo

Here is the schedule:

  • North America/Latin America: Monday 19 June, 1 pm PT / 4 pm ET / 8 pm UTC
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa: Wednesday 21 June, 7 am PT/ 2 pm UTC / 4 pm CET
  • Asia/Pacific: Wednesday 21 June, 3 am UTC / 12 pm JST / 8 pm PT

AirMo links will be added soon

(Michael Kohler) #2

Are the regions solely in terms of timezones? Or will there be region specific discussions only?

(Konstantina Papadea) #3

As far as I know it is in terms on timezones, but you can definately ask the team: info on contact in the wiki

(Lizz Noonan) #4

Just timezones, it will be the same content presented, but obviously different questions in each session.

AirMo Links:
Americas: https://air.mozilla.org/community-participation-guidelines-revision-brownbag-nala/
Europe, Middle East, Africa: https://air.mozilla.org/community-participation-guidelines-revision-brownbag-emea/
Asia/Pacific: https://air.mozilla.org/community-participation-guidelines-revision-brownbag-apac/