Firefox 77 Sprint Social Support: news and updates

Hi folks, We have some news regarding the next Sprint coming up for Firefox 77.

As you probably know at this time already, we terminated our contract with Buffer, the tool we were using to reply on Twitter, along with analysing and extracting the data for running the Sprint. Buffer decided to decommission their social support platform and in the past few months our team has been inquiring solutions and new tools that could cover all our needs. For this reason as well, starting from Firefox 77 Sprint, coming up next week on Tuesday, we are not going to share our usual Trello Board with the links to the questions on Twitter .

We are already implementing another solution that will be launched in the next few weeks, Conversocial . This system will help us onboard many of you on the tool and also be able to share more easily the successes of the community in helping our users on Twitter. Lately, as many of you know, it has been difficult to filter the tweets and collect all of your answers; we are positive this won’t happen with Conversocial.

For this Sprint we thought about a solution many of you already know: Tweetdeck . We recommend you to set up your space on Tweetdeck before release day, so if there is any problem we can help you out.

For anyone who needs help with using Tweetdeck, here are some resources: there’s a tutorial and a screencast on how to do that.

Ever heard of Social Helpers? This add-ons is a great way to learn how to contribute to social support . It has handy links to access tutorial articles about how to get started on social support. Especially helpful for newbies, but good for everyone!

While you answer to tweets, please remember to always use #fxhelp . This helps us and other contributors to track the replies and reach out with the same solution to other users with the same problems, or adding information if there is any need.

If you think the resources linked above are not enough, please comment down below. If it is helpful, we will be having a brief call on Zoom explaining in detail how to use the tool. The call will be recorded for anyone who cannot attend due to time zones and being busy. Proposed time for the call:

  • Friday 29th, 17 UTC
  • Monday 1st, 15 UTC

Let us know if you think it is needed and if you can attend one of the two time slots.

We will keep you updated and informed, but we are positive that this setting will be needed only for this Sprint. We will surely offer training for coming onboard Conversocial, when ready, and we will share the news in our bi-weekly call.

Have a nice one!

Giulia & Kiki