Mozilla Social Support and Firefox 57 Preparations

(Rmcguigan) #1

In preparation for Firefox 56 and 57 in the next few months, the Mozilla Social Support program introduces a few updates. Up until a few weeks ago, there was no public information available on how to get started. A few core members of the community, who expressed interest in helping to improve this joined forces and put an amazing new set of guidelines together.

This should allow for new users that are interested in social media support to get their feet wet with a free and commonly used tool for managing Twitter feeds - TweetDeck. The guidelines include instructions on setting filters and hashtags like a Firefox support pro.

This eliminates the wait time to join the social support program that now uses Reply, and it ensures that everyone is well prepared to answer on behalf of Firefox and Mozilla before any issue… occurs.

Read the guidelines and sign up for the program to let the support team know you are set up in Tweetdeck. Be sure to take advantage of the IRC #sumo channel as the Social Media Support forum while setting up and afterward - use them to chat and ask for help with any tweets you may come across while getting ready to roll.

Why can this be a lot of fun? Because you are helping people use a product you already love. And you get to do it with gifts, emoticons, and love.

Why can this be a great project to join for you? It is really easy to get started. Once you start using #fxhelp hashtag to respond to users, the whole community can see the love we spread and the openness of the help we all provide. Also who doesn’t love an experiment? You might even make some new friends <3

Why the change? Army of Awesome was a great and easy way to get started with helping users of Mozilla products, however the common responses were hard to keep up-to-date and the tweets were difficult to moderate. With the change, we hope to provide a tool that still makes it easy to get started, and gives everyone easy moderation, opportunity for growth, and career development.

If you are interested in participation in the closing of AoA, please feel free to use #bestofAoA in any tweets. See you online! (@guigs_mozilla)

(Arun Sathiya) #2

I just discovered Mozilla volunteering and I signed up right away! I cannot wait to see how far this takes me. Lots of love from India, Mozilla. Keep the good stuff going!