Focus for Android & iOS, and Firefox for Android: l10n deadline is right around the corner!

Hello localizers,

We’re almost there! Friendly reminder that the localization deadline for three mobile projects - Focus for Android & iOS, and Firefox for Android - all have deadlines on this upcoming Monday, Sept. 6.

All the releases for these 3 products are quite important for this year, and we would be grateful if you can work on these in time for Monday :slight_smile:

Do let me know if you have any questions. Thank you all so much for helping us make these releases successful. We’re very grateful for your contributions, time, and talent!

Thank you!

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Focus for iOS screenshots have been updated here.

A new iteration of Focus for Android Nightly builds should be ready by tomorrow.

Happy testing :slight_smile:

Hello Delphine,

I checked the iOS screenshots but didn’t find the Corsican locale.

This is a brand new locale which is 100% translated on Pontoon.

Do I need to open an issue on Focus for iOS’ GitHub?

Best regards,

Thanks for letting me know, checking about this right now

I have updated testing instructions for Focus Android/iOS here.
New test builds for Focus Android incoming, as well as iOS updated/corrected screenshots.
Thank you all!

We’re almost there! :nerd_face:

New link to Focus iOS screenshots!
Note that the l10n completion deadline was yesterday, but you have the week to test and correct anything needed in Pontoon (or to file an issue in GitHub directly, CCing “delphine” there).
Thanks for all the hard work on this!

A big thanks for all of you who helped with these mobile releases!
From now on, strings exposed on Pontoon for all mobile products will be for the next release.
Thank you!