Focus for iOS: Translations from Pontoon are not updated on GitHub

Hello @delphine,

Recent translations done on Pontoon for Focus for iOS…

…are not updated on GitHub:

Please can you check.


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Hello and thanks for reaching out. Seems like your locale (and a couple others) were not updated as part of the last string export we got. I’m working on this with the mobile team now.
I will let you know once this is fixed. Sorry about the inconvenience!

This should be fixed within the next 10 minutes. This issue should no longer happen anymore (there was an update to how we ship locales and this fell through the cracks, sorry!)

Hi Delpine,

It was necessary to upload again 31 strings on Pontoon but GitHub was properly refreshed a little bit later.

Thanks for your action,

Yes, unfortunately three locales (yours included) hadn’t been part of the last string export, so you didn’t get those strings.
Sorry again for the hassle - this should be fixed from now on!