The Respond Tool Campaign is moved - see you on December 3rd!


We know that you’re excited about the campaign. However, We are sorry to let you know that we had to move the campaign time due to changes in the Firefox Preview release date. The new date is going to be on the 3rd of December 2019!

In the meantime, while waiting for the release, you can familiarize yourself with the tool. Here’s how you can play with it:

Step 1:

Login to

Step 2:

Respond to a review. Try to reproduce the issue and pay attention to the Android and app version. Check out the canned responses for inspiration on how to respond to a review.

Step 3:

Moderate answers from the others. Make sure that an answer is technically accurate and friendly enough before you approve it.

There’s also a short tutorial video on how you can use the tool here.

We’ll send you more details about the campaign soon.