Help localize the guide for Activities and Campaigns


The Council was happy to introduce at the Virtu-All Hands 2020, the updated resource, a guide that can be used by all mozillians to understand the various opportunities to contribute in the Mozilla Community. This documentation would serve as a one-stop shop to create awareness about the domains and teams that you can contribute to.

We would like to invite all designers and localizers to help us make this documentation accessible to all Mozillians around the globe. No matter which language, what technical background or skills, anyone can leverage these resources to make them available in your regional language.

Here are the slides attached : Here!!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me or Shahbaz and we’d be happy to help you out!

New to localization and not sure how to start, please go through this wiki :

On behalf of the Reps Council,

Shina Dhingra and Shahbaz Alam


Hi Shina and Shahbaz,

Thank you for informing this initiative. How do we start to localize the guide? Are we only localizing the attached slides? Usually where there’s a L10n task, there an editable document where we can put the localized version of the requested document - whether it’s a word processor or a spreadsheet format. Hopefully, you can provide any material that can be edited by everyone.



@shina_dhingra, @shahbaz17 what are the next steps in localizing the guide for Activities and Campaigns?

Hi Fauzan and @bobreyes

We don’t have a word document or spreadsheet with strings of this resource, but feel free to pick this up, create a copy and localize it in your regional language.
Attaching the deck that can be edited here :

We’d appreciate if you share the localized deck back here for the rest of the community to use!