How many strings can I translate using the free heroku?

After installation in the postgresql , I have a little more than 8 thousand free rows (1,849 of 10,000). For example, in my file there are 350 IDs that need to be translated. How many languages can I translate them into before reaching the limit?

And another small question, how do you add new languages for translation? as far as I understand, after adding the language in pontoon, I need to create the appropriate locale folder and an empty loc file in the repository? because as I noticed pontoon itself can not create folders and files in the repository?


Taking a stab here.

I think that the most concrete dagger into this question is Pontoon’s translation memory and action log storage right now. I.e., there are rows that are representing the history and the number of edits of your translations, regardless of the number of current translations.

In general, Pontoon doesn’t put a high value on SQL storage size. For example, it has a number of denormalized tables, i.e., it takes a toll on your quota just because other concerns make that look like a good idea. Performance is commonly a driver for that. Just recently we added tables for the community health dashboards, too.

Which is a long winding way of saying, even if you’d be fine today, just getting more edits to existing strings or changing permissions on a user might blow your quota. Let alone from trying to update to a newer version of Pontoon with more storage demands.