Join the Onboarding Screening team 2020-2

As you all know we have Onboarding screening team inside the Reps program for almost 3 years now.

What is the role of this team?

Review all the applications to the program with a member of the Reps Council as support.

The current team is in place for almost 2 years so it is really time for renew this important team.

So how you can apply to this important role?

We have created a GitHub ticket where you can leave your availability for the next 6 months for this role before 7th june

The council will evaluate all the Reps that have applied on the ticket (following the rules above) and announce the new team

What happened in the period the current team was in place?

  • since 8-2018 we had 15 reviewing rounds
  • in total 55 applications
  • 32 accepted in onboarding
  • Refined onboarding process (application form, documentation, teachable)

One of the selection criteria of the onboarding team is : 4 members from different part of the world to improve the diversity

For the diversity of the team i would to encourage reps from America, Africa and Europe to apply.

Hi Tim, i want to apply for being part of the team. I post my comment on github.

thank you :slight_smile:

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About diversity, I completely agree!! Applicants from 4 different parts of the world would me great! Also girls and boys of course!!

Libre de virus.

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Commented on the GitHub issue. Excited for this opportunity! :slight_smile: