Mozilla localization: Turn Over prevention - the Kabyle locale

(Muḥend Belqasem) #1

Since Mozilla launched the kab locale for Firefox, the team working arround the locale started a cycle of training sessions to gain maturity and recruit more localizers.
Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…
We noticed that such events, increase the number of users using Firefox in our locale and also more people want to join the localization team.!

The traning focuses on Mozilla’s Mission and Principles, Mozilla’s products and projects, Pontoon and so on. The result, since it was lanched, the Kabyle localization is almost updates on all the enabled projects on Pontoon…

Next event: Two Mozilla traning days that will be given by Mohammed Belkacem on next 18 & 19 August in Rafour, a kabyle village in Bouira - Alegria.


(Tadukli Menouar) #2

Thanks for this team-working group. Tanemirt nwen ɣef ayen txedmem ɣef tutlay naɣ taqvaylit :wink:

(Amine Zaafouri) #3

Vraiment Bravo !!
Et bonne continuation !