Kitsune release notes 2021-03-16

Full changes since last release.


Many thanks to everyone who tested and provided feedback about the new version of search we soft-launched last release. We’ll begin slowly rolling this new version in instant search over the next few days.

This release we focused on improving search given that feedback, fixing bugs in instant search, and getting ready for the general release of new search.

New in this release:

Instant search fixes:

Other fixes:

Other notable changes

Spam filter improvements:

Non-Search Bugfixes:


That is a massive amount of work, thank you so much.

One question - the Fenix redirect. This is just a AAQ redirect - there will still be two forums?

(To clarify - I hope they can be joined with no loss of questions and contributor data at some point.)

Yep, for now this is just an update of the existing redirect for Fenix users to /questions/new/mobile rather than /questions/new/firefox-preview.

We’re yet to decide what to do with the existing questions, though agreed: it would be great if we can merge the forums without losing users’ contributions.