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(Akshay) #1

Continuing the discussion from What is "new Community IT setup" going to look like? Should anyone wait for it?

We have taken a backup of our wiki and kept it for spam cleanup since a long time. Due to various technical issues, it doesn’t look like it’ll be cleaned up any time soon either.

There is a discourse thread which asks communities that host their own wiki on why they do so. And the biggest reasons I see are

  • historic reasons
  • easier to get permissions
  • more articles might be in scope.

If you go through the list of articles that we backed up manually, you can see that all those articles would be in Mozilla Wiki’s scope too. So there is a very good chance that whatever pages we would want to create can be created on Mozilla Wiki too.

If you go through the list of editors on our wiki, (which I’d made in a hurry in one night) you can see that there are very few of them and therefore it would be easy enough to get edit permissions for each person on the Mozilla Wiki also. (In fact, I think most of them in this list would already have accounts on Mozilla Wiki)

Keeping all of that in mind, I propose that we restore the articles that we’ve manually backed up to the Mozilla Wiki and take offline as a permanent solution to this fix.

(There’s a very small risk that Mozilla will kill Mozilla Wiki itself. But let’s hope that stupidity doesn’t happen)

I also want to add that what I proposed here is how things are happening already. I just want us to officialize that.

(Jafar Muhammed) #2

I am Okay with using Mozilla Wiki instead of Mozilla India Wiki.

(Priyanka) #3

From the perspective of documenting our activities, projects or participation details…it doesn’t make much of a difference whether we have our content on or but I guess from the perspective of needing to maintain a separate wiki instance, having all content on makes more sense.