Mozilla Social Support All Hands and Next Steps

HI social support folks,

This is fresh off the press for July and what is next for Social Support the second half of 2018.

First let’s take a look at the state of the current community as of mid-June. Right before the All Hands in June, there was some amazing research published and some awesome work-shopping was done. If you missed this, check out this previous post and blog info put together by Vesper!

What did that mean for Social Support you may ask?

:grinning::sunglasses: Check out the presentation and notes taken during the session at the All Hands. :wave:t5::wave::wave:t2::wave:t3::wave:t4:

If you are more of a TL;dr, check out the bullet point below for some key takeaways:

  • Army of Awesome has a larger impact than the reports in the reply by buffer tool, however, Reply by Buffer and Casual Support Combined was not analyzed.
  • Army of Awesome had a lower barrier to entry (:blue_car: by users), Reply by Buffer solves for vouched contributors (trusted contributors :star_struck:), but may have a higher barrier to entry with no discoverable ‘Get Started’ page from

  • For Escalations:

  • If you cannot find the answer in twitter or previously answered questions in, first try the telegram group or #sumo in IRC
  • Then Contributor Forum should be used for larger product issues
  • Slack was helpful for users that needed more help finding answers and escalations within the Mozilla organization
  • The Social Support Telegram channel needs more Moderators, Hosts and Greeters, a new role is being drafted, however we still need some volunteers to help out with this.

  • What the group email is used for:

  • Community Recognition
  • What is happening in the community that week
  • Metrics (Reply updates, Positive interactions “Fan Luv”, How many tweets in profile and list of names for top users)

Items that we did not get to discuss, but would love to see discussion in the community about:

  1. What does mentorship and onboarding look like for Social next month? What interventions can we add to greeting new users to help them participate?
  2. Is Teachable a tool we can add onboarding and Social Training content to?
  3. Have you seen the tips and tricks for Reply? This needs a review from a moderator
  4. We have created a weekly trello board that is updated with unanswered “Help Me” tweets from the Reply tool for Casual Social Supporters to access and assign to themselves: join Trello and we can add you to get started:

Please quote the question above in your reply