Reporting in the Community Portal

Dear Reps,

As you probably already know the reps portal will be decommissioned very soon, as we are all moving to the community portal. Moving to the community portal offer us an opportunity to engage more deeply with the wider community, to organize groups, participate in campaigns and publicize our activities more widely.

However, the community portal does not have all the functionalities for reporting that we had on the reps portal. In this precedent post we collected your opinions and suggestions on what need to be reported and what is the function of reporting. Based on that we made a list of activities that need to be reported by reps.

This post will:

  1. Introduce what activities can be reported using the community portal
  2. Collect suggestion on how to do reporting concerning mentor/ mentee activities.

We are considering the need for reporting for further activities, but those were not deemed fundamental to solve before the move to the community portal. We will therefore analyze them later on.

  1. What you can report
  • Events you organized (by organizing an event using the community portal)
  • Events you participated in (sign yourself as participating in an event in the community portal)
  • Campaigns you participated in (subscribe to the campaign and it will appear in your profile)
  • Reps meetings (reps call, working groups meetings, council meetings, etc.) (organize and participate in the event using the community portal)
  • Community meetings/calls (organize and participate in the event using the community portal)
  1. We need a clear strategy on how to report on mentorship activities before we move forward with the decommissioning of the reps portal. Please comment here and let us know your ides on how pres could report on mentorship activities by Monday next week (29 of June)

Thank you for your participation,



Honestly I don’t report any of those, just because they are often chat discussions. I report only in case there is a video call or onboarding plan review.

PS: a bit off-topic question there will be any new thread about the other stuff to migrate from the portal? I mean like list of mentors/mentee, list of reps because in these discussions I see just about reporting and nothing else.

Hi Daniele,

thank you for the feedback. With the decommission of the reps portal, we will not be able to report on things like an onboarding plan review. Do you have any ideas on how reps might report this kind of activities?

Regarding your other question: an archive of the old reps portal will be preserved, so the information will be preserved there.

We are also trying to migrate all the reps in the various reps group in the community portal, so hopefully we will soon able to see a complete list of reps there. There is also a reps Mentor group. Regarding how to record mentor/mentee in the community portal, that is something we will need to define.

Right now I usually select from the Initiative list Reps stuff and add a custom description.
The problem of the reporting tool that there are a lot of things very focused and a lot very generic, so is required to add a specific description.

I hope that this will be defined/done before the migration. Because it is more useful for mentors then the reporting, as example I don’t remember all my mentees.

Thanks for sharing this…
Are our all the posted report from the reps portal, moved to the community portal. I also think that while using and exploring the new portal, we will be able to have a better outlook of the portal.


Hi, old reports will not be moved to the community portal, but an archive of the old reps portal will be preserved.



How about Mission Driven Mozillians, or Functional Doers ones as myself?
While some of my reports are about campaigns I join, other are regarding Localization and QA.
I am kind of worried because if I don’t report I will be considered alumni and I wouldn’t like that at all as I consider myself a very active Rep!

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