Respond Tool - new version live next Monday

Hi everyone,

As presented in last week’s community meeting we are now ready to release a new version of the Respond Tool. This will happen next Monday, Oct 7. As a reminder the Respond Tool is what we’re currently developing to enable the community to respond to incoming star reviews on the Google Play Store.

Here’s what’s new (you can also check the prototype here):

  • Canned responses organized by categories. Bear in mind that the canned responses categories will be empty as we need to upload the content manually.
  • Help Documentation. As with the canned responses there will be no content yet, we will upload it manually
  • Badges for Trusted Contributors
  • Trusted Contributors can edit and publish responses of others (for typos and small corrections only!)
  • New Moderation view
  • Testing Karma points for moderation
  • Ability to check progress from the profile view
  • Automatic upload in Playstore

As with every release not everything is working as intended and there’s a few bugs that we are aware of and working on. You can check them all on Github.

We would like to use the following month to test and understand how contributors feel about these new changes. If you find any bugs or have any feedback feel free to report them in this thread, on GitHub or ping Madalina directly.

We’ll update this thread once we’re live on Monday.

You can also find the same announcement on our contributor forum.

And we’re now live!

As mentioned before there’s a few things that are not working as intended such as:

  • Canned responses and Help Documentation sections are empty as they require manual upload, they will be uploaded this week.

  • The number listed does not match the actual number of responses available in the queue.

Please make sure to check the GitHub issues before you report any bugs, to make sure that what you want to report has not already been filed.

Any questions, comments, let us know!

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