Covid-19 & Community

Hi Mozillians,

We are in an odd and difficult period, unprecedented for most of us. We are thinking about all of the members of our communities and how we can stay connected and support one another as things progress.

Staying safe:

We continue to encourage you to follow local guidance and to avoid unnecessary travel or meet-ups. If you want to cancel an event or postpone it because of the virus, that is absolutely ok. If you have already received resources for that event (swag, budget or both) you can keep those resources for now and use them for a future event.

Staying connected:

We will continue to run campaigns, and encourage you to have virtual events (you can find more resources on how to accommodate that here). Beyond regular contribution events we encourage everyone to self-organize in virtual coffees, lunches, water coolers, even yoga, to stay connected.

To keep in touch with other Mozillians -

  • Create and find virtual events, activities and communities to join on the community portal.
  • Chat with staff and volunteers on Matrix.
  • Share discussions and explore projects on Discourse.
  • Make sure you hear about interesting new activities and campaigns by subscribing to the campaigns newsletter.

Staying centered:

Please take the time to help each other as we need it. One measure of what success for Mozilla communities looks like in a time like this is how much we elevate our confidence and trust in each other. So reach out to someone new and say hi, try out a new activity or event with people you haven’t connected with before, host a virtual meet-up event. The #QuarantineTips room on Matrix is a place where sharing tips is happening, and I imagine we’ll learn more tips as we go forward.

If you’re working from home for the first time check out these articles about how staff work from home and share your tips, ideas, and plans here, on Matrix, or anywhere Mozillians are found.

We’ll continue to share updates, tips and feedback periodically. Make sure you’re “watching” this discourse channel to stay informed.