Test Pilot Status: 2018-05-11

Please find below a status update of Test Pilot and related projects:

Test Pilot

  • 20 issues closed this week with 5 of those from contributors.

  • The team is working towards mobile support, better localization, and documentation.

  • There are 16 remaining issues for this project.

Cloud Storage

  • Shield Study: launch target May 14 21

  • Shield-Utils v5 has been delayed by over a week which has delayed our original launch date

  • Even though we’re delayed, we’re still on track.

  • Final QA will happen once Shield-Utils are complete.

  • Our survey is being moved into Survey Monkey so it’s ready for Shield.


  • Launch target June 5, 7am PST

  • Outreachy intern starts 5/14 and will be focusing on this project once she’s ramped up.

  • Working with Marketing weekly on GTM plan.

Min Vid

  • Shield Study: target May 21

  • We’ve run into some performance questions that may delay or even substantially change this Shield study; still discussing.

  • Will have a go/no go Shield decision by next Tuesday, 5/15.


  • Experiment Definition document in progress. This is essentially a future plan for Notes.

  • Risk: Ryan Feeley is on PTO for a month.

  • Working with Marketing weekly on GTM plan.


  • @fzzzy has a ‘hello world’ react native app running on Android. Up next: file picker.

  • The beginnings of mobile flows are sketched out.

  • FxA/Send issues will be filed next week.

  • Emily, the engineering intern starts 5/21.

Side View

  • Launch target June 5, 7am PST

  • Design engineering intern @harry, that started on Monday, is already fixing issues.

  • He’s not on our team, but on loan for a bit.

  • Working with Marketing weekly on GTM plan.